Reviews about Optimove

  • Matea
    A great drug that helped me get to feet after serious injuries. I had an accident, the doctors said that recovery would take several years, but Optimove give me back mobility in a few months.
  • Marko
    The drug is used all the time, because professional sports. Of course, frequent injuries, sprains, dislocation. Capsules Optimove reduce recovery time and quickly.
  • Anita
    Buy mother, he had sciatica, it was difficult to see him suffer. So as soon as I heard about it, that the drug, immediately ordered the whole course. Really fast help, and the situation in the family has improved, because the mother is no longer in pain.
  • Ivana
    Know about this drug, I don't approve of, but familiar with the problem of the joints is highly praised. They say, almost a panacea, it will not only eliminate pain, but also to restore the joints.
  • Sandra
    What a pain and pain relieving can, but the movement of the return – is another matter. As it has become these capsules accept - joints are squeaking stopped, bending over is not a problem, almost like in his youth. Sorry, we have such means do not produce, only the order remains.
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