Osteoarthritis: what it is and how to deal with it effectively

Diseases of the joints Osteoarthritis among them are well-known and widespread osteoarthritis. What is it and how to deal with it? What are the symptoms of a disease occurs and what are its main causes?

What is osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis – a disease which has a devastating effect on the joints, causing them inside the degradation of cartilage.

For a long time, the disease leads to changes in the bone endings, inflammatory processes, and, destroy nearby tissue.

List common diseases related to the pathology is not small and is a group of diseases, which is similar in effect to destructive, but eri is the causes and the process of flow.

According to statistics obtained from various type of arthritis affects up to 80% of the population, so it is the most common joint disease. The disease is so widespread that it has been placed on the third place after cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Because it does not adhere to a healthy lifestyle, increasing the time table of the disease significantly.

Osteoarthritis this is not the bulkhead of the disease and is capable of hitting for both men and women. The disease affects people under the age of 30, over time, and their number is growing freely.

Osteoarthritis causes

The cause of this arthritis and treatment a violation of metabolic processes is common. This leads to cartilage loss voimaa and elasticity.

The reason that the central role of the environment, the reduction or disappearance of the complex proteins complete because of the large cracks in the cartilage.

Can also contribute to other causes, such as disruption of the normal production of complex proteins, which are so.

Other Causes, which have a devastating effect on the joints:

  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • the deterioration of hormonal background;
  • slow down the blood circulation in the joints;
  • hereditary reasons;
  • old age;
  • a variety of injuries;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • psoriasis.

But the main reason is that the normal stress on the joints in everyday life.

Because of their unpreparedness, unwillingness to person in time to teach to teach to strengthen the joints – the cartilage is not able to fully perform their duties.

Is a list of reasons that can cause the disease of arthritis:

  • previously obtained injuries, such as sprains, fractures, contusions, torn ligaments, and others;
  • the metabolic processes that support the viability;
  • excessive body mass, which leads to extra stress on the joints;
  • acute suppurative arthritis leads to joint inflammation;
  • old age;
  • the wrong diet;
  • excessive long-term lowering of body temperature;
  • autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis;
  • poisoning of the body;
  • frequent occurrence of respiratory diseases;
  • specific diseases: syphilis, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, tick-borne encephalitis;
  • thyroid disease;
  • hemophilia;
  • the disease Peters.

Other Reasons related to genetics, what causes the onset of osteoarthritis:

  • the prevalence of osteoarthritis of the hands and fingers, you can get heredity, the researchers showed that;
  • if dysplasia, which developed as a result of violations of the formation of the joints in the womb, it can cause excessive wear on the joints and development of osteoarthritis;
  • mutations in the collagen of the second type can lead to interference in the internal fibrous protein in connective tissue structure and cartilage degradation.

If you are a bricklayer, a miner, a fisherman, a longshoreman, or your job involves some extent of excessive physical exertion, that, without any preventive action, it is possible to also osteoarthritis.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis

A full understanding of what is arthritis and how do it, let's deal with the external manifestations.

The most common symptoms of osteoarthritis are:

  • the manifestation of pain during the joint stress, which can subside at rest;
  • the weakening of the motor function of the joint;
  • crunch;
  • the feeling of muscle tension in the pen around the sore joint.

It is important to avoid long-term tumors, they can lead to the emergency of deformation of the joint.

Four symptoms of osteoarthritis:

  1. The pain symptoms. Considered the first promise of osteoarthritis. Although the guilty pain of different causes can be, but that in the case of osteoarthritis, the pain has certain characteristics. The most important thing is the English a sharp pain during movement of the joint become damaged. The pain will subside to minimize the functional activity. At night, the pain is practically not occur in vain revolutions from side to side there can be some discomfort. State immobility pain may occur in vain to advanced forms. Currently falling asleep process can be difficult. Symptoms task began in the early morning. With the development of the disease, the person needs more time and rest for recovery. If Still, even at rest, the pain did not stop, making life a constant torment. The almost complete wear of the cartilage, resulting the bone is exposed, osteophytes are removed.
  2. The appearance of crunch. Symptoms, which should not be ignored. Crunch appears as a result of the friction of the bones against each other, as it reduces the softness between them – as a result, there is a separate "dry" sound. Although it can occur in other diseases, and sometimes, when you are healthy joints. Severe forms of the disease, the sound and can become brighter expressed the pain intensified.
  3. The deterioration of joint mobility. This is an additional symptom which is not involved in osteoarthritis in the early stages, but in poor condition stimulates excessive growth of the interosseous formations, which leads to spasms, the gap and the joints is almost completely overgrown. The reason This is a significant loss of mobility.
  4. Deformity of the joint. This change in the symptom refers to the lowering of the surface, the joints, because and the proliferation of osteophytes synovial fluid flow. It is one of the late symptoms of osteoarthritis.

And Because of the alternating periods of remission exacerbation, self-diagnosis of osteoarthritis is much more difficult. Therefore, to trust in vain personal feelings. it requires the help of an expert.

Diagnosis – Osteoarthritis

the diagnosis of osteoarthritis

To detect possible evidence of the presence of the disease and its complexity, using the study using radiography:

  • In the first stage of osteophytes are not yet present, and the interval between the narrowed joints is minimal.
  • The second stage is characterized by the reduction of the joint space, which has a little the appearance of osteophytes.
  • In the third stage, reducing the joint space is clearly visible, osteophytes is a large number, began to occur deformation processes.
  • In the final fourth stage, the gap between the joints is almost completely lost, osteophytes, which as much as possible the deformation processes are in full swing.

The negative effects of osteoarthritis

Ignoring the timely treatment osteoarthritis causes unnecessary not a complete irreversible damage to the cause damage and joint of the spine.

The spacers can be formed of a hernia. Osteoarthritis can spread to other, more healthy joints.

Methods for the treatment of

Any other Such dangerous disease, treatment should not start at an early stage.

Treatments must be comprehensive and aims to eliminate the components that contribute to disease development, factors that strengthen and those that help to heal.

That such in the treatment of osteoarthritis in particular? A holistic approach to treatment consists of the use of drugs anti-inflammatory analgesic and actions.

However, be sure to perform occupational therapy programs. If Ah for the treatment of health-resort method, climatic conditions should be selected so that there was a beneficial effect on the joints.

The program needs to participate in the treatments for mineral water and mud.

The core treatment of osteoarthritis are the following

  • Joint pain load is can be a little as possible, it is particularly important to take into account in connection with the processing;
  • You can't ignore the orthopedic treatment;
  • Requirements of exercise;
  • Perform occupational therapy procedures, such as electrical procedure, shock-wave treatment, laser therapy;
  • Recreation – and your doctor's prescribed recommended the passage of the particular resorts once a year;
  • Special care is taken at the contact of oxygen;
  • Medication;
  • Intraosseous blockade;
  • Transition of the right to a healthy diet.

The type of medical treatment

  • Products to eliminate inflammation. Perform a complex treatment, it is possible to significantly slow the progression of the disease, which relieve yourself of the painful torment in the future. Medicinal method of treatment requires and removal of reduce pain in inflammatory processes in the joints. For these purposes, select the medicines of non-steroidal origin. The use of the camera, he did not or given into a vein into a muscle, such as through the mouth can cause irritation of the gastric walls. An additional means is used in various creams, but because of their poor understanding of the body, they have a low efficiency, that is why it is used are very rarely.
  • Hormonal corticosteroids. Such drugs are prescribed when the disease takes acute nature. He are introduced inside the joint. Damaged the joint on the outer side to spread the ointment, patch or the infusion of chili.
  • Symptomatic drugs have a delayed effect. They help in the regeneration of cartilage, to improve the properties of synovial fluid.

While the use of these drugs and long, can be will not stop until the patient is better.

If not the expected drugs a positive effect, their application is canceled.

Simultaneously, the particular medication should be given to the funds by adding hyaluronic acid, which helps to create cell walls in the articular cartilage.

In rare cases, when other medicines do not have any positive effect can be assigned to narcotic analgesics.

A healthy diet for patients with osteoarthritis

nutrition with osteoarthritis

Nutrition is probably the most important issue which must be resolved as soon as possible, if the deterioration of osteoarthritis. What drugs the patient does not deal with the wrong diet-all of these can be efforts in vain.

Firstly, man need to eat in moderation. For those who are overweight – need to lose weight, but don't force yourself to starve, because the body constantly needs to get all the trace elements in sufficient quantity.

That Man must limit the consumption of fast carbohydrates found in sweet foods and flour. Should give up alcohol, especially beer.

Welcome to the fish dishes. Should choose low-fat varieties, and the fish is cooked, not fried.

It is recommended to use jelly osteoarthritis. Its structure is in possession of a huge amount of minerals, it is useful in joint pains.

Collagen contained in it is of natural origin, and therefore it is absorbed by the body easily and works Based on the connective tissue. Long-term use of aspic joints become more mobile, and surrounding tissues – elastic and durable.

An important factor in treatment is early use of adequate amounts of vitamins, especially group B. They provide the normalization of metabolic processes in the body. Thiamine include beans and peas, improve the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The blood of the son produced by the hemoglobin, it is necessary to pyridoxine. This substance is abundant in potatoes, bananas, cabbage and nuts. Riboflavin is abundant in eggs, liver, dairy products and mushrooms.

Legumes with greens and give your body the folic acid.

Vitamins minerals and can be obtained from food as a drug, is absorbed by the body better, which is an important factor in the process of restoring cartilage.

Man should adhere to certain rules of nutrition in the treatment of osteoarthritis

  • To eat and several small portions;
  • Can eat sleep should refuse before the food heavy on the stomach;
  • To ease the load on painful joints, it is necessary to control weight, and prevent obesity;
  • Walking after a meal in remission useful for the prevention of acute diseases of the joints;
  • Ah or the control diet with the doctor together to make sure the right balanced diet.

Thus, to overcome the osteoarthritis can be. It is important treatment methods to follow and listen to the advice of the treating physician.