Osteoarthritis of the hip joint (coxarthrosis)

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint, or coxarthrosis, is a form of chronic arthritis that causes destruction of the cartilage tissue of the joint, exposure of the bone joints, and deformity of the joint. This disease belongs to the category of very serious diseases, as amputation or prosthesis may be an indication for treatment.

arthrosis of healthy joints and hip joints

Causes of the disease

The main causes of the disease are:

  • serious damage and injury. affecting the Buddha;
  • Excess weight or lifestyle where there are very serious loads on the hip joint.
  • joint tissue necrosis that can occur as a result of infection, alcohol or drug use.
  • postpartum trauma and congenital pathological abnormalities of bone tissue.
  • Inflammatory processes in the joint.
  • age-related changes in bone and joint structure.
  • Osteoporosis is a pathology associated with the destruction of bone tissue.

Degrees and symptoms of hip arthrosis

In the anamnesis (medical history) osteoarthritis lasts in three successive stages.

1 degree coxarthrosis

The first degree is fraught with the loss of joint or synovial fluid-like lubricant-like properties that fill the joint sac. Cartilage tissue is gradually removed and begins to be replaced by bone formations called osteophytes.

The first degree is treated in one percent of cases, but the patient rarely comes to the hospital with complaints because the symptoms are not clear. If you experience groin pain in the hip area while walking or lifting weights, you should see a doctor immediately.

2nd degree

At this stage, articular tissue damage is more active. The number of bone growths increases, the cartilage layer becomes much thinner. X-ray shows inflammation of the supraspinatus. The initial symptoms worsen: the pain syndrome increases, the peak of pain occurs at night or at dawn, walking and gait are impaired. Gradual deformation of the joints begins.

3rd grade

In the third stage, the cartilage tissue disappears completely. The movement of the legs is completely limited, and even strong anesthetics do not relieve the pain. The indication for treatment is amputation of the thigh along the hip joint or replacement of the joint with a prosthesis.


The initial stage of treatment of coxarthrosis is timely diagnosis and collection of medical history (medical history). If diagnosed at an early stage, the disease will be cured or significantly stopped.

The most important way to detect a disease is an X-ray examination. Examination of the patient, external signs and analysis are secondary primary measures that complement the overall picture of history.

Therapeutic treatment

It should be noted that doctors are directly responsible for how to treat osteoarthritis of the hip joint. The first and second degrees can be treated, the third degree is treated with surgery.

The following tools are used as outpatient treatment:

  • anesthetics;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • compresses and the drug "Dimexide" - cartilage restorative, similar injections are also used;
  • physiotherapy, gymnastics, exercise therapy, diet.

All funds are applied by a common aggregate, otherwise the treatment will not work.

Severe muscle spasms and dystrophy help to alleviate the massage, because massage manipulations restore lymphatic circulation, activate the blood supply. Massage is applied in the first stage after the elimination of the main symptoms: pain, swelling, inflammation inside the joint.

A similar massage may be a course of muscle relaxants - medications that reduce and relax muscle tension.

For drug treatment, drugs with analgesic properties, gels and ointments without steroid derivatives are prescribed. The use of steroids can lead to the formation of gaskets and strong bone growth in the damaged tissue, as steroids begin to replace the substances missing in synovitis.

Proper nutrition and diet

A balanced diet helps the body get the complex of nutrients and trace elements it needs to "build" joint tissues. The main task in the diet is to provide the body with protein for muscle tissue and cartilage structure, calcium is also needed for the structure of bones and synovial fluid, the diet helps the patient to get rid of salt deposits. Reduces joints and weight, has a negative effect on the load, joints and bone joints.

Recommendations and hints:

  • You need to eat a balanced and proportionate amount of protein (poultry, beef, fish). It is forbidden to eat salted meat and vegetables;
  • fresh dairy products, cottage cheese;
  • sweet and starchy foods should be excluded from the diet;
  • water-cooked grains are preferred;
  • you should start buying different vegetables five times a day;
  • bad habits are completely excluded;
  • To normalize your metabolism, you need to eat less, but more often.

The diet will significantly reduce the stress on the joints, as the body will lose excess weight and create the initial conditions for tissue regeneration.

Coxarthrosis is a very serious disease filled with pain and loss of leg, but it can be treated very effectively. You need to see a doctor on time, get regular medical checkups and be able to "listen" to your body. A comprehensive method of treatment will give results and the body will improve.