Arthritis and osteoarthritis: how to recognize yourself and how to help yourself (and when it's time to see a doctor)

We learned all the details from an orthopedic traumatologist - how arthritis and osteoarthritis of the joints differ, their symptoms and treatment, as well as why the coronavirus can be dangerous for these diseases.

Knee pain with arthritis and osteoarthritis

These diseases have similar names because they affect the joints. But they cause different changes. Let's find out if they are together often because they are similar, how to treat themselves, and when to see a doctor.

What is

Arthritis is a collective term for inflammation of the tissues of the joints (spondylitis, polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis). This can be caused by infections, metabolic diseases, injuries.

Arthritis symptoms include, above all, sharp, aching pain. Occurs both during movement and at rest. Joint mobility is lost and this can gradually increase. Swelling appears. The disease may be accompanied by fever and weakness.

Osteoarthritis is associated with the gradual destruction of cartilage. Occurs more often due to injury. The main difference between the symptoms of osteoarthritis: the pain is visible only during exercise, but not at rest. Otherwise, edema and fever may occur.

Osteoarthritis and arthritis always go together

Arthritis is inflammation when the body itself reacts. In this case, a person can have both staphylococcus and streptococcus. The arthritis virus can recur after the flu. However, osteoarthritis, the destruction of the joint, is a disease of a different nature. Therefore, there is no need to say that these concepts are inseparable. It happens, but not always.

Why diseases arise

There are many reasons for the appearance of diseases, but most of them are small injuries, excess weight. Working in the country, doing sports can damage the joints. A simple injury will not play a role here, but damage to the meniscus is enough. There is a change in the nutrition of the joints, cartilage. Gradually becomes thinner and more sensitive. Ossification appears. This is bone growth at the edges. From now on, people start to see a doctor.

Who is at risk

Now there is a rejuvenation of diseases. Fifty years ago, the situation was completely different. For example, a person engaged in extreme sports may develop osteoarthritis. Young people are accustomed to not seeing the pain and believe that they have tried more than once. Meanwhile, arthritis occurs, arthrosis. This is a disease that you may not immediately notice. In addition, if you use different means of advertising. The age contingent does not sit still. Working in the garden causes knee and back pain.

Do these diseases occur in children?

A young mobile organism is also susceptible to disease. In addition, the accompanying diagnoses can lead to osteoarthritis and arthritis.

How to help yourself without going to the doctor

elbow pain with arthritis and osteoarthritis

Exercise is a good way to heal yourself. Swimming and cycling are recommended. The load on the joints in the water is different. The muscles are strengthened and take part of the load. Relieves knee and hip joints. And when riding a bike, the load goes on the hips and the legs work freely, which is also good.

Mud therapy is useful among home remedies. The procedures eliminate pain, restore blood flow and improve for six months to a year. There is a deep warming and effect on the body. Such mud contains a certain set of bacteria. Physiotherapy, such as magnetotherapy or the use of ozone-oxygen mixtures, may also be effective.

From drug treatment, chondroprotectors containing hyaluronic acid and PRP treatment are recommended. It is important to slow down joint disease.

Calcium Products Help

In fact, given that only 1% of the drug, which is a chondroprotective agent, is included in a combination proven by American scientists, such drugs are not very effective. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to cure osteoarthritis 100% and quickly. And this is the worst moment. The most important thing is that everyone can slow down the disease and prevent it from progressing to a more difficult stage.

Massage - heals or injures

Massage will only increase the pain syndrome, so it is better not to use it. Cold can help. It is enough to apply an ice cube to the wound to relieve the pain for a while. This is already practiced in some sanatoriums. Unfortunately, ice is not a drug, it has only a short-term analgesic effect.

How to know when it's time to go to the doctor

Everyone looks at the situation, but our habit is that people postpone a visit to the doctor and catch the latter. Probably everyone is afraid. However, they come to such a meeting when the pain begins under the kneecap. Although, of course, such patients could be helped in the early stages of the disease. Here, even physiotherapy could help reduce swelling.

There are cases when it is possible to help a person who has been suffering from the disease for 5 years and only then comes to the meeting. After joint surgery, the patient lives a long, happy and active life. It is still better not to be late.

Prevention will help

pain in the hands with arthritis and osteoarthritis

A common cause of joint pain is being overweight. And you can do without this trouble magic pills. You just need to eat less and move on to a healthier lifestyle. When you gain extra weight, the load on the joints will be reduced and it will be easier to walk. At the same time, patients who come to the doctor for an appointment are often offended when advised to lose weight, and simply continue to want to take pills. But the best prevention is just to keep yourself in shape.

How coronavirus has affected people with similar diseases

The virus penetrates all parts of the body, including the joints. Initially, people suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis after recovering from COVID-19 began to complain of fluid formation in the patella area. This inflammation is called synovitis. Hormones are prescribed to help patients. However, the treatment has only a temporary effect. Complications can occur in patients infected with the coronavirus. But modern medicine can help cure them.